Chances are you are one of the tens of millions of people that have heard the production music of TuneInHere -
from CSI Miami to Major League Baseball, CBS Sunday Morning News to Discovery and History Channels, PGA Golf to the Olympics, as well as films starring Robert DeNiro, Bruce Willis, and Ashley Greene of Twilight fame.

imageTuneInHere is owned and operated by Composer Steve Kornicki. From thematic orchestral textures, ambient and electronic soundscapes, lush acoustic backdrops to emotional post rock, the writers at Tuneinhere cover the spectrum of instrumental production music tracks in various styles.

"This music stirs emotion and imagination! I love the diversity of [TuneInHere's] work and would highly recommend them for any music supervision opportunities for Film/TV. Great work!" -Krystine Mcleod, Music Supervisor, Manager/CEO, SjD Music - Melbourne, Australia

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